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A trusted guide to Canadian construction project owners, engineering consultants, and contractors that provides proven tools and processes to complete projects more successfully while working better as a team.

For Your Construction Projects to be Successful and Profitable, Your Team Communication and Collaboration Has to be On Point

But There’s A Problem…

Stakeholders & Press

You’re trying to keep the public & politicians happy while avoiding negative press about your projects.

Managing Priorities

You’re juggling safety, scheduling, and budgeting while trying to maintain team relationships.

Budgets, Schedules & Risks

You’re busy with large, complex projects with tight budgets, tight schedules, and significant risks.

Poor Collaboration

Without good collaboration, this negatively impacts your project’s success.

Juggling Profits & Problems

You’re trying to maximize
profit while dealing with
all these concerns.

Knowledge or Tools

You don’t have the knowledge or tools to improve collaboration with your team and stakeholders.

4 Pillars Partnering® has specific tools and processes you need to make your projects as good as they can be. And for a fraction of the cost of your project going sideways.

Helping You Reduce Anxiety and Improve Team Collaboration for Project Success

I have spent my entire working life in construction, from the shovel to the boardroom. I have worked for construction owners, consulting engineering firms, and contractors. I have experienced and completely understand the challenges and concerns of construction owners, consulting engineering firms, and contractors on construction projects. I have spent the past 15 plus years working with construction project teams specifically learning their greatest challenges, concerns, and factors for successful projects.

As a thought leader who developed The 4 Pillars of Construction Team Collaboration® model and authored the award-winning BETTER AS A TEAM book and companion workbook (soon to be a textbook in post-secondary institutions), I have developed proven tools and processes to address these challenges, concerns, and success factors so that you and your team have the resources to be successful.”

Allan Lowe, MBA, B.Comm., C.E.T., Founder, 4 Pillars Partnering®

“The Evolution of Construction Team Collaboration” reveals a brief history of partnering, 2-day workshops, to 1-day workshops, to virtual workshops and now to our new process.

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by Allan K. Lowe